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To All of our Loyal Guests,

As ALWAYS it is our job to keep your food safe. We are regulated by the health department and every one of our food workers is trained and our establishments licensed to prepare food for the public. We take this incredibly seriously on a daily basis no matter the situation, but when faced with a global pandemic, the attention to detail becomes more important than ever.

Across our restaurant family, we are on high alert for the flu season and are taking extraordinary measures to maintain food safety and protect our dining public as well as our team members from the Covid19 virus. We are also ramping up our to-go systems through take-out and Door Dash delivery. Our chefs have collaborated to whip up some really tasty options and old favorites from Tap & Burger, Senor Bear/Mister Oso, Ash’kara and Bar Dough so you can enjoy them safely at home.

Food ordered for Ash’kara and Bar Dough can be picked up at Bar Dough.

Food ordered for Tap & Burger and Bear/Oso can be picked up at Highland Tap & Burger.

Small businesses will suffer during this crisis. We are, as always, here to serve our community by providing safely prepared, delicious food and will continue to do so as long as we are able. Through March 31st the purchase of any gift cards on our website will go to keep our employees’ health insurance active and to feed them meals through this crisis. We have committed to feeding ALL of our employees and their families a meal every day while we are unable to keep them on payroll.

Thank you for all the love and support you have shown through this time and please stay safe!